MAN Roland 704 SW

Offset Printing Machine

Colour: 4
Format: 74 x 104
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Print Numbers: 130 MIO
Price: 115000
Specifications: Preset (autom. paper size and thickness setting)
- Electronic double sheet detection
- Electromechanic double sheet detection
- Electronic side lay control, fotoelectronic and akustic
- Anti-static on feeder and delivery
- RCI machine control and diagnosis by monitor console /self diagnostic, control and monitor console; remote inking; dampening; axial, circumferential and diagonal register control with light pen; day light illuminator and memory card for job memories
- APL? full automated plate changing
- Remote-controlled circumferential, lateral and diagonal register
- Rolandmatic continuous dampening system with alcohol metering; cooling and re-circulation unit system Technotrans Beta D
- Ink temperature control GRAPHO METRONIC Tempcontrol NT
- Programmable automatic blanket cylinders wash up
- Programmable automatic impression cylinders wash up
- Programmable automatic rollers wash
- Chrome cylinders
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MAN Roland
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