Web Machine

Colour: 4
Format: 0 x 0
Year of Manufacture: 1999
Print Numbers:
Specifications: max. Web-Width: 1.400 mm ? Cut-Off: 2 x 510 mm
printing 3 x 16 = 48 pages ?broadsheet? or 96 pages ?tabloid? ? full colour

max. Mechanical Speed: 60.000 signatures/hour

standing in front of the press - from left to right ? basically consisting of:

2 printing units ?4-high?, each printing 4/4 colours on both sides of both webs
1 newspaper-folder for ?broadsheet?- as well as ?tabloid?-production
with substructure, all necessary guiding-rollers etc.
both folder-noses facing to the right!
1 printing-unit "4-high?, again printing 4 colours on both sides of the web
all printing-units equipped with brush-dampening-system.
incl. ?TECHNOTRANS?-refrigerated-circulator ?gamma d?,
all printing-units equipped with ink-level-control- and -refilling-system
incl. ?BETZ?-ink-pumps connected to centralized-ink-tank-system;
3 WIFAG-automatic ?2-arm-splicers? located under the printing-units;
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