Heidelberg SM XL 75-8-P C

Offset Printing Machine

Colour: 8
Format: 54 x 75
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Print Numbers: 88 MIO
Specifications: rince Prinect Press Center Prinect Axis Control

Software: Color Assistant Pro Software: Axis Control Reporting Software: Instant Gate

Feeder/Anleger With Pile height sensor Intercom to Delivery

Double sheet ? (& ultrasonic)-/ multiple sheet detector

Alcolor Vario CombiStar CANopen, water-cooled Autoplate

Program-controlled wash-up devices With IPA Sheet slow-down device timed; automatic sheet distance


Steel plate at delivery with ramp PowderStar Weko AP 500-P CleanStar compact StaticStar Compact

AirStar Pro, water-cooled Additional equipment options/Zus?tzliche Optionen

C-Format Perfecting 4/4
Availability: approximately March 2019

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Numbering units
SM XL 75-8-P C
Bowe Compact 207/2