Komori Komori S640 UV 10 UNITS

Offset Printing Machine

Colour: 6
Format: 42 x 62
Year of Manufacture: 2005
Print Numbers: 170 MIO
Specifications: Komori Lithrone S640 UV (2005)
Max. printing area: 71x102,
printing at 16,000 sph,
6 Color + 3 x UV Drying Unit,
UV + Lack,
APC - Automatic Plate Changing,
PQC - Print Quality Control,
Diagonal Register Control,
Electro Mechanical Two Sheet Dectector,
Anti Static Device,
Automatic Ink-roller washing device,
Automatic Blanket washing device,
Anilox Coating Unit,
Powder Spray,
IR Dryer,
Baldwin refrigeration
Printed 170.000.000 copies

Die Aufstellung sieht folgenderma?en aus:

1 Druckwerk printing unit
2 Trockenwerk
3 Druckwerk
4 Druckwerk
5 Druckwerk
6 Druckwerk
7 Trockenwerk dry unit
8 Druckwerk
9 Trockenwerk dry unit
10 Lokwerk lackunit
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